President’s Message

President’s Message:

You educate a woman; you educate a generation.”

Our mission at VSL College is to prepare you for the challenges of today’s competitive job market.

The importance of a college degree cannot be overestimated in this, The Age of Information. But even many of the brightest college graduates, with excellent educational backgrounds, are working well below their abilities.

  • A dynamic, flexible college education – VSL believes a college education is of greatest value when combined with hands-on experience. Our class sizes are kept small so you can receive personal attention. Unlimited free-of-charge tutoring is available in our Learning Centers. The college offers evening and weekend classes to accommodate our student body, many of whom work while attending college full-time.
  • Specific, up-to-date skills education – VSL is dedicated to teaching the skills that are highest in demand. We keep abreast of the latest industry developments and trends and update our programs regularly.
  • Industry Certification of Skills – VSL can prepare you for industry certification by today’s most-respected leaders.
  • Skills Upgrade – To ensure that their skills remain current in today’s rapidly developing job market, VSL graduates & post graduates are entitled to attend, free-of-charge any new course within their VSL program of study or any course they’ve taken previously.
  • Job Placement Assistance – Graduates are invited and encouraged to use the resources and services of the VSL Job Placement department.
  • By choosing VSL College, you’re truly making an important investment in your education.
  • It is my pleasure to welcome you to VSL.


President, VSL Engg.College